Ellinee – DIY Paper Orchid

I have been reading the Ellinee blog for a few weeks now and ever since I have been hooked on the amazing DIY projects that are posted on there! Each week Lia posts a different DIY project to make all sorts of things from bows, flowers and everything you would ever need to make a wrapped gift look even more spectacular. I have even taken down a few notes myself to use in a university project I am currently working on, and hope to be able to make some of the flower decorations myself, as nothing would be better than an ever lasting flower arrangement.



Although there are plenty of other diy projects on the site, the Paper Orchid post  stood out to me the most for some reason. It looks so delicate and beautiful when in fact Lia herself says that ‘With only 4 pieces, this is so far the easiest paper flower I have posted.’ So I think just about anyone could master the art of creating a paper orchid with these easy to follow guidelines and very useful PDF’s that you can just print and cut out.



Overall I think these little flowers are very well made and I certainly look forward to be able to create a few in the future and I will have to post my attempts, although I’m sure they won’t look as good as Lia’s! They would make the perfect table decoration and even would set the scene for any giftware product photographs, so get creative!


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