Fashion Friday – New Look

New Look has always been a favourite of mine for fast fashion with an affordable price tag, so todays post has been dedicated just to them! With christmas just around the corner December always seems to be a very busy time of year what with office parties, christmas meals and seeing family and friends it’s hard to find the right outfit for every occasion, but with New Look fashion being bang on trend at the moment they could solve all of your problems!

I have recently purchased an order with New Look for a fair isle print pencil skirt and some black wedge ankle boots, both which were very reasonable priced (even before the 10% student discount was added, every little helps!) and I absolutely love both items! The skirt is the perfect fit and can be worn with a number of different items, and the shoes are incredibly comfortable for a non heel lover like myself!

So, I thought that I would pick a few of my favourite bits and bobs from their website that could spruce up any outfit, leaving you feeling totally fabulous! If you have ordered or are currently lusting after any of New Looks current range then i’d love to hear about it and what sort of outfits you’ll be rockin’ around the christmas tree this year! (Cheesy I know!)


Gold Triangle Collar Tips – £3.99

These collar tips would add instant glamour to any plain shirt and are bang on trend at the moment. You can even throw on an oversized jumper on top so that you won’t be cold during these chilly months!


Gold Pyramid Stone Bracelets – £5.99


Barry M Bag Set – £9.99

I love Barry M and their nail polishes are a definate favourite of mine. This little box would be the perfect stocking filler!


Khaki Studded Belt Jersey Maxi Skirt – £16.99


Grey Neon Heart Onesie – £22.99

Love them or loathe them, the onesie has been creating quite a stir! I have to admit I have recently jumped on the bandwagon (one I never said I would join before!) and have asked for a onesie for christmas. Anyone else loving onesies at the moment?


Black Lace Up Ankle Boots – £24.99


Stud Hobo Bag – £24.99

Anything with studs on I’m bound to love and this bag is no different!


Reindeer Knitted Jumper – £27.99

Everyone has to own a christmas jumper of some sort and I think this would be one I would choose. It isn’t too full on and would look rather cute with just a pair of leggings.


Parisian Black Glitter Dress – £29.99

I love this dress! It would be great for any fancy occasion and could even be worn to celebrate New Years Eve!


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