Elisa Mazzone

Seeing as the last fashion illustration post was quite popular with you all I thought that I would feature another illustrator this week by the name of Elisa Mazzone.

‘Born and educated in Australia, stylist, graphic designer, illustrator and avid fan of all things beautiful, Elisa has spent years working with people to create gorgeous visual landscapes and keepsakes, weaving mediums together with allegorical needle and thread.’

‘Now based in Paris, Elisa’s work has enchanted audiences throughout the world, 
through various exhibitions and magazines such as Madison, Easy Living, Yen and Desktop, through clients such as Mambo and STYLE.COM as well as gracing covers of inimitable Hallmark cards in the UK. She was also recently selected as one of three finalists to become South Australian Young Artist of the Year.’

I love the unfinished look of Elisa’s illustrations, and I am very envious of her talents using water colours, that is a skill that I have always wished that I was good at but I just don’t think i’m patient enough!


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