Wedding Chicks

Hello everyone! Firstly I have to apologise for being such a bad blogger just recently. As most of you know I have just returned back to university for my final year and the first project just absolutely consumed all of my spare time but, I am now going to make an effort to keep Red Riot up and running as a few of you actually messaged me to say that you’d like another post to read! So, Thank you very much for still coming to visit the site and I will be working on a new schedule so that you will all know what to expect and on what day! With that being said I think I should get onto todays post!

Today’s post is all about… weddings.. yes a thought that is very far from my mind but I thought that some of you might very well be on the way to becoming a bride or groom very soon and if so this post could be helpful! I found this shop Wedding Chicks whilst looking for some inspiration for the Red Riot christmas cards (they will be in the shop very soon!) and I thought that I would share some of the beautiful designs with you all. As you all know I am a huge fan of anything to do with giftware and this company is no different, they make some of the sweetest designs and print them onto a number of wedding related products, i.e invitations, napkins, thank you cards, gifts and even tote bags!

There is also a Wedding Chicks blog where they talk about everything that you will need to make your day extra special and also a few diy tips that could save you some money whilst you’re at it as weddings can be extremely expensive these days! There are also wedding pictures from several brides and grooms showing you how they used colour schemes and giftware products during their day and with companies like Wedding Chicks it would make the day seem that much more relaxed as you would know you’d have everything sorted.

Wedding stationary isn’t really something that I have thought about going into with Red Riot but I do love looking at it for inspiration for my other products. I hope you have enjoyed this post and if anyone knows anymore giftware companies that they think I should take a look at then please leave a comment below!


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