Bonjour Berry

I’m a sucker for a cute illustration so when I came across Bonjour Berry on etsy I knew I had to share it with all of the Red Riot readers!

Bonjour Berry has been created by Corinne all the way from Australia so it’s great to see some amazing designing all the way across the world! I wish I could design cute illustrations as well as Corinne does because they look so simple but they can spread across a whole giftware collection and look amazing! I especially love the colour schemes that she uses and the fact that each collection has a variety of different colours but they all still go together well.

Invitations is one thing that I haven’t actually looked at designing for Red Riot but when I see beautiful ones like this design it does make me want to start looking into possibly creating some of my own. Although i’d have some tough competition!

‘Bonjour Berry is a one-person design studio specializing in printable party invitations & stationery. I love designing and I’m always adding new products so come back and visit often or become a fan on Facebook to see the new designs first.’


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