Knot & Bow

Anyone who knows me will know how much of a stationary / giftware geek I am, I just absolutely love anything to do with wrapping paper, pencils, cards.. you name it, I’ll love it. It’s this love that actually inspired me to create Red Riot so I should be grateful of my passion really as it has allowed me to achieve things that I never thought were possible. Anyway, enough about me this isn’t about me, it’s all about Knot and Bow today!

Knot and Bow is an etsy shop that has been created by Erin, all the way from New York! The shop is focused on everything to do with giftware and Erin says that she has always been ‘a lover of brown paper packages tied up with string. With pops of colour’ and that is where the Knot and Bow shop was created from. ‘This shop is a collection of a few of my favorite things – items that I use for wrapping gifts or crafting – like glassine bags, colorful shipping tags, classic twines and ribbon’ and it certainly is filled with the most beautiful giftware I have seen in a while. I just love the simplicity of the name on every item and how they all tie in together and it’s shops like this that really inspire me to create more for Red Riot as it lets me see the real potential that I could reach if I just stick with it.

Erin says that she has many more plans for the future and I can’t wait to see what that shall bring, and from now on I am a huge follower of the Knot and Bow shop (it’s even stored in my favourites)! If you love Knot and Bow just as much as me then you can like this post, or I would love to hear about any other favourite etsy giftware shops I should be having a look at!


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