Fashion Friday – Jumper and Shirt Combo

Jumper and shirt combo

I have noticed that the jumper and shirt combo look has been cropping up pretty much everywhere just recently from the high street to fashion blogs, and it’s certainly one that I want to hop on the band wagon with. Many men and women have been rocking this look for years but I think the look has been given an extra boost of style and is very versatile as it can be worn in every colour combination possible.

I have many a time wore a shirt with jeans, shorts, a skirt, tucked in, tucked out, buttoned up, buttoned down, but never before have I thought to throw on a jumper over the top and now coming to think of it I’m not quite sure why. I’m not a great risk taker with fashion, I know what I like and what suits me but sometimes I do get a little bored and this is where I love to look at the new trends to see what could possibly suit me and I think this trend would suit absolutely everybody. I also think it’s a great money saver as it is made up of two major wardrobe staples, a jumper and a shirt so you won’t break the bank trying to recreate this look.

As I said before every colour combination is possible with this one with everything from your standard white shirt, denim, print + patterns, bright colours, dark colours so you can play around with it as much as you want to find the right look for you. It’s also coming up to that time of year when it’s getting a bit colder and I love the idea of having two layers on so that if you get too warm you can remove the jumper and still have a great outfit, and simply add the jumper back on when you start to feel cold. It can also transition from day to night with the help of heels and a clutch bag which would be great for those of you who like to go for drinks straight after work.

I have created one combination of simple black, white and of course berry coloured jeans to add a bit of colour but you can go sleek and opt for black jeans, it’s up to you! I think this is a style I will very much be getting into as I head back to university in a few weeks time. I’d love to know what colour combo’s you have given a whirl and if you like the trend.

Peter Jensen knit top

Bershka elasticised hem shirt
$32 –

H&M skinny jeans
$32 –

Metallic flat

Studded handbag

D_Luxe gold jewelry
$340 –


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