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It’s no secret that I love looking at other blogs, but more so blogs that have liked or commented here on my blog because it’s showing me some support in what I am doing and I very much appreciate it. Just recently I have been trying to keep track of some familiar blogs that keep popping up on my blog so that I can say a huge thank you and as I love to celebrate new blogs I have decided that these frequent viewers need a little bit more than that so I have decided to make a post out of each blog.

Today’s post is from the blog ‘nonfashionista’ and I have started with this one as I get quite a few likes from this blog and after reading the ‘about me‘ section on her page, I have noticed we have a lot in common. Not only is she a graphic designer and a blogger but she also has a great interest in fashion, as do I. I was a little worried when I started blogging about fashion as I am in no way a fashion expert or anything close to that it’s just a topic I enjoy talking about and it seems ‘nonfashionista‘ is exactly the same.

As I mentioned before the blog is all about fashion and what I love most is the posts where she puts together a few pieces and shows you how you can style them differently for day to night or just how to style one piece in many different ways. I think this is a great help as it’s always interesting to see how other people style clothing and you can pick up some amazing tips! The blog isn’t very old as is was only started in March 2012 but already the posts are very frequent, professionally written and has great content about everything to do with fashion!

Overall this is a blog that I am definitely going to add to my blog reading list as there is always something new to know about the world of fashion and there are even posts about brand new collections that are hitting both the high street and designer stores!


4 thoughts on “Nonfashionista Blog

  1. Oh sweety I feel so honored that you did a whole post on my blog! I can’t tell you how much this means! I like your blog a lot and I’m also a fan of your posts πŸ™‚ thanks a million! It really keeps me going :)**


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