Ebay Wishlist

ebay wishlist
Hello! Today’s post is a new feature that I am thinking of adding to the Red Riot weekly posts and it’s all about wish lists. I am currently meant to be saving every last penny I have to make sure that I have enough money to go back to university with next year, so this is a little way for me to be able to look at beautiful clothes without having to feel bad about the price (although is doesn’t half make me want to go shopping and buy everything!) I’ love to know what you think about this becoming a regular feature as I have seen some of these sorts of posts on other peoples blogs (for example the blog vipxo which I love) and they are always great to look at.
These are just a few bits and bobs that I have seen on ebay that I’m currently lusting after! I have wanted a plain black skater dress for some time now because I think it would look really good in the winter with some thick tights and ankle boots. I am also very much loving the collar tip chains, I think they can transform any normal looking blouse into something special so I have purchase one of these from ebay myself.. tut tut!






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