Fashion Friday – Essential Knitwear

Now I know i’m jumping the gun a bit doing a knitwear post as technically we aren’t even in the autumn/winter season yet but, I have a great love for all things knitted and have just recently been stocking up on some essential knitwear for when I go back to university. This includes already buying my winter coat which I know is madness but I feel as though the cold weather is going to be fast approaching so I am fully prepared for this now! My love for knitwear doesn’t just stop at jumpers (although this is my favourite type of knit to wear) I also like circle scarves, gloves, hats, tights… you name it, I love it!

I find it so easy when I’m at uni just to be able to get up put some jeans/leggings on, an oversize jumper and a few pieces of jewellery on and I’m set for the day then as you know you are going to be both comfortable and warm. So today I thought I’d put together some of the best knitwear items that I have seen whilst doing a bit of online shopping and hopefully you’ll let me know what you think.

Bershka – £19.99

Missguided – £22.99

Dorothy Perkins – £28.00

Asos – £35.00

Miss Selfridge – £35.00

River Island – £40.00

Zara – £45.00


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