Harry Potter Studio Tour

Hello! This isn’t a normal post that you would see here on Red Riot usually but I decided that as I have been away for so long I should probably show you all what I have been up to so that you don’t think I’ve just been slacking. As I said in yesterdays post it was my 21st birthday last week and my lovely sister bought me tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (near Watford Junction station), now I’m not sure if she bought me the tickets because I had been going on about it after hearing great things, or if she just wanted to go and thought she’d take me along, but we had an amazing time!


Obviously I can’t share my whole entire photograph collection from the day as I did take about 100 I think which would be very boring indeed to look through but I have compiled a few of them together so that you can all have a look at what sort of things you get to see when you are there. I was really surprised at the amount of scenes that you got to see for example the great hall, the common rooms, the Weasley house, Hagrids house and many more. I won’t spoil all of it but there are lots of surprises to be seen through out the tour!

It isn’t just scenes from the films, you also get an insight into the costumes, make up and of course some of the weird and wonderful creatures are there to look at too. We spent about 2 and a half hours there but I have heard that some people can stay there pretty much all day to take in everything. I was excited the whole way around the tour but I think the most exciting bit is at the end where you get let loose into the Harry Potter gift shop, I think it’s safe to say I was certainly like a kid in a candy shop! I managed to pick up a chocolate frog, which surprisingly I haven’t eaten yet but it is very pricey in the shop so make sure you bring your pocket money along with you!

Overall it was a great day and an amazing birthday present so I have to say hats off to my sister for choosing it for me! All the details of how to get to the attraction is on the tour website if you are interested, we went by train to Watford Junction, where you can then be picked up by a very special Harry Potter bus which takes you to the tour in around 15 minutes. I’d say the attraction was for the whole family really as there is lots to do, you can even sample some butter beer whilst you are there! So to any Harry Potter fans out there I urge you to go to see the tour, you won’t be disappointed it’s wonderfully magical!


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