Paper Tango – Laser Cut London

Hello everyone! What with the queens jubilee and with the olympics coming up soon, London has suddenly become even more popular than ever before. And this has been translated through to the creative world too, with pretty much everything to do with the capital and what it is famous for being made into intricate designs (think everything from double decker buses, black cabs, beefeaters and even english breakfasts).

With this in mind, todays post is about some gorgeous laser cut greetings cards that have been designed by artist and paper engineer, Judy Robinson who’s company Paper Tango has created some rather incredible creations.

Paper Tango is a London based company specializing in origami inspired gifts and 3D greetings cards. Paper Tango’s latest range, ‘spots london’ is a range of pop up cards showcasing various London architectural landmarks including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral and other iconic landmarks.

I am a huge fan of paper art as it is something that I have never quite been able to master as it is quite fiddly and you need to have quite a lot of patience with. I haven’t however tried a laser cutter either so this might be the answer to all of my paper worries, so next year I am going to take full advantage of the laser cutters that my university has to offer as I would love to create some greetings cards using it.

Not only are these the perfect card design but they could also be used as a feature on a mantle piece or side table because if your anything like me and keep every single card that you are given (believe me I have a huge store of them under my bed) then you wouldn’t be able to throw away anything this delicate. They would also be a great reminder in a few years to come of the special events that were held in 2012 here in London.

So if you have a passion for paper design or you’d love to go and have a look at the full collection of cards available from Paper Tango then please go to either Judy’s etsy shop or the Paper Tango website, you will be blown away!


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