Vivianna Does Makeup

I’d just like to say a quick hello to all of my new followers that have recently joined, it really does mean a lot that you have decided to follow my blog and I very much appreciate it! I’d love some comments or likes so that I can get to know you all so give me a shout on any post to let me know if theres anything you would like me to talk about or change.

Right now on with the good stuff, I have been doing quite a lot of beauty related posts just recently before I went away and its because I have become rather obsessed with beauty blogs and vlogs. I will quite happily sit for a good while and either read or watch anything to do with make up or skin care, which does normally result in me trying to purchase several items afterwards (sorry bank account). I have always been into make up and all things beauty related so I am thinking of trying to make it a regular feature here at Red Riot as I do have quite a few new products to review.

Todays post is all about the blog ‘Vivianna Does Makeup‘ which I am loving at the moment as there is something great to read every time you check back to the blog, with everything from make up reviews, how to videos, fashion advice, skin care routines and her monthly beauty favourites you are truly spoilt of what to read first.

Most recently Anna has blogged about her holiday heros which feature all of the beauty products she took away with her, this was really useful before I went away as I decided to leave my beloved foundation at home and be brave and just take a tinted moisturizer. I was so glad I did because even at night the heat was still quite strong and it was just enough to make me feel as though I had some cover up on my skin but still light enough for my tan to be seen through. So thanks for the great tip Anna!

Anna also has a youtube account for Vivianna does make up where she talks about how to apply products which is great if you are looking to buy a certain product but want to know what its like to work with before you make the purchase. All in all I am a huge fan of both her blog and youtube videos so if you love nothing more than to be dazzled by all things beauty then go and take a peek yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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