Greece – Rhodes 2012

As I said yesterday I have decided to share with you just a few holiday snaps that I took whilst away in Greece just last week (it went too quickly) but obviously I wont share the whole album otherwise you will all get very bored. My sister and I had never been to Greece before so we thought we would try it out for our summer holiday this year and I think its safe to say we both loved it. What with the glorious sunshine everyday and the amazing views it really was a great holiday and I’m so glad we picked to go there.

Now, I’m not a great photographer and I have known this for some time, but I do enjoy taking photos whilst I am away to capture the moment and all that malarky! But after looking back at the pictures I have been really pleased with how well my little samsung PL120 performed against the bright sunshine and capturing the amazing colours of the sea and sky. It would have been hard not to have taken a great photograph as the scenery was absolutely gorgeous so it was just a point and shoot kind of job.

We stayed in a small hotel in Kolymbia but we also took some day trips to Lindos (to see the Acropolis) and to Rhodes to have a look at both the new and old town. If you are going to Rhodes then I definitely suggest that you check out Lindos as it was a favourite of mine, we did decide to climb to the top of the Acropolis which in the blistering heat was quite a task but once at the top you do forget about the journey up and realize it was well worth the effort.

I hope you enjoy these snaps and if you have any questions about Rhodes or if you are going to Greece anytime soon then I hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Blondie – My sister, Brunette – Me

A few lovely people we met out there.


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