Red Riot Has Been Nominated!

Hello everyone! I am now back from my wonderful holiday in Greece, I will put some photographs up soon but we all know how tedious it is to look through other peoples holiday snaps so I wont be putting them all up. I arrived home to England yesterday where the weather was considerably cooler and cloudier than I have been used to for a week, but it was still good to be back on British soil! I hope that you have all had a great week and i’d love to know if anyone else has been away just recently or are planning to go away.

Being the blogging geek that I am, Red Riot was one of the first things I checked after getting home, and I was amazed to have a comment from The Lino Printer blog to say that they loved my blog so much that they had decided to nominate it for best ‘Versatile Blogger’ which I am totally chuffed about. This award is where a blogger chooses 15 of their favourite versatile blogs and then nominates them, I am quite new to the whole blogging experience so I didn’t know that this could happen but I am so pleased!

If you haven’t already then I urge you to go and take a look at The Lino Printer blog as Anne has some great art work  which you can buy from her folksy shop which contains all sorts of beautiful prints, cards and tote bags.

If you would like Red Riot to take part in the versatile blogger award then please either like this post or comment below and I shall start making a list of my favourite blogs to read (this shouldn’t be difficult as there are so many great ones out there at the moment). Finally I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Anne from The Lino Printer because being nominated has really encouraged me to keep blogging!


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