Long Time, No Post!

Hey everyone, really sorry for the lack of posting this week, it has been a crazy busy time for me at the moment. I have been up and down the country seeing friends and family having a great time but also neglecting blogging for a bit, so my apologies.

This is just a quick post to say that I am going to away on holiday this wednesday so there will be a few more days without posts here on Red Riot :(. I was thinking about leaving my mum in charge but that could end in disaster as I don’t know what she would be posting about haha 🙂 (love you really mum!). Due to going away I have also had to close the Red Riot folksy shop for the time being but once I am back it will be up and running again.

I have a very busy last few months here at home what with my placement year coming to an end so I’m having to finish lots of work and it being my 21st birthday on August 16th. But, of course I will keep you all updated with everything that I am up to along the way, and then it will be the big move back to university to finish my final year in September which is rather nerve wracking! Just want to say whilst I am here, I went to see the end of year exhibition at Huddersfield University last thursday and I was really proud of all my friends work that had been shown, you all did an amazing job and we have some very big shoes to fill next year!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week and been up to lots of great and creative things, if you have i’d love to hear about them. This short post has turned into rather an essay so I better leave it there before you all get bored, but I will be posting tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!


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