Personalized By Hannah

Todays post is celebrating a new creative business that has been set up by non other than my old college tutor who taught me all I needed to know about printing and all things crafty! So to give something back to her I thought I would feature her brand ‘Personalized by Hannah‘ here on Red Riot.

‘Personalized by Hannah brings to you original art, gifts and prints for every occasion’ with everything from birthdays, christenings, weddings and anniversaries available for commission you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is also the option to have your old photographs and memories turned into unique one off pieces of art, which would be an amazing idea for a special gift.

An example of a photograph that Hannah has turned into an amazing piece of artwork.

The beautifully presented ‘Personalized by Hannah’ stall at Derby Arts and Crafts fair this year.

These are a few of my favourite designs from the Personalized by Hannah range but you can view all of her products on her website, with new arrivals coming very soon. All of these designs are developed from Hannah’s original hand made textiles and are originally created with appliqued fabrics using a combination of machine and hand embroidery techniques.

Your framed art work is a hand made relief paper collage, of perfectly printed photo papers digitally developed from the original textile artwork. All art work comes mounted and framed.

At no extra cost you have the option to include the child’s personal details such as:
‘Ella Louise Thompson, born 27th September 2012, weighing 7lb, 6oz.’
Or a personal message for example:  ‘With love always from Grandma and Granddad Thompson’.

Personalisations can be printed or hand written underneath the artwork.

 You can easily contact Hannah via her website if you are interested in commissioning her for a design of your own! I’d just like to say a personal congratulations to Hannah for setting up her own business and making it look so effortless, I wish you great success in the future!


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