Chloe Fleury – Hopscotch Design

Chloe Fleury is a french illustrator who fell in love with international travel on a trip to California at about 10 years old and she now lives in San Francisco. She now likes to transform flat sheets of paper into three dimensional objects, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. She incorporates her paper skills into a range of animation, graphic design and window display work.

I recently saw Chloe’s work on another blog site and fell in love with her work, you can almost quite easily forget that it is made from paper as it is so detailed and precise. She has created a multitude of different environments with her work and you can even buy her famous rabbit paper heads in the Hop Hop Hop Shop, these are actually one of my favourite objects that Chloe makes, they are just so cute!

Not only does Chloe have a website where you can view a gallery of all of her artwork, but she also has a very informative blog where she keeps her audience updated with all of her latest designs as well as her personal inspirations. I would definitely recommend the Hop Hop Hop blog to anyone who loves anything to do with paper design as Chloe features a lot of different paper artists who create some very beautiful objects.

I am a huge fan of Hopscotch and I think the work Chloe can create with paper is incredible. It is certainly a skill that I have never been able to master but I love everything to do with paper design, it must be such a time consuming job but visually it is certainly a sight to be seen. Hopefully one day I will be able to see Chloe’s work in real life to see it in all of its glory!


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