Fashion Friday – Ebay Goodies

I have been using ebay for years to buy all sorts of things from gig tickets, craft essentials and gifts but I haven’t ever thought of looking at the fashion section. I think this is mainly because I thought that it would be full of second hand items which are great but I tend to buy brand new pieces instead.

It all started when I was browsing through the bags as I had seen a studded black bag in a youtube video and really wanted it. I found the bag I was after and bought it straight away as it was a fraction of the price of one I had seen on the high street and I had the convenience of it being delivered home. So this is where my curiosity about ebay fashion started and now I’ve become a bit of an addict, looking at all sorts of things from accessories to  clothing.

The great thing about ebay is that most of the items can be bought in a variety of different colours so you can pick and choose which ones that you want and quite easily purchase them for a very good price. The only thing you have to watch out for is the post and packaging as some sneaky ebay sellers bump up the price of that so that it makes the product much more expensive… so keep an eye out!

I have compiled a list of a few of the great products I have managed to find just this morning but obviously if you have the time to look a bit closer then by all means do as I am sure you will find some beauties! Unfortunately I couldn’t get pictures of all of the products so just click the links below to see the items.

Dip Hem Skirts – £3.99

Tote Bag – £4.99

Clutch Bags – £5.59

Flip Flops – £5.99

Hoodies – £7.89

Maxi Coil Dresses – 7.89

Maxi Skirts – £10.99

Blazer – £13.99

Wedges – £28.99


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