Sprinkle Of Glitter

I have recentley become a bit obsessed with watching beauty youtube videos and I am finding them so useful for when I need to buy some new make up as you can get tips on how to apply them and get reviews from several different people to see if the product really is worth spending your money on!

Whilst i’ve been browsing through a lot of channels I always find myself coming back to Sprinkle of Glitter as Louise gives some great beauty tips and she’s also incredibly funny. The Sprinkle of Glitter blog is also a great read as Louise has always got reviews or the latest beauty product to chat about.

Not only does she have all of this on the go she is also married and has her gorgeous daughter ‘baby glitter’ to look after too. Which does make me wonder how she has the time to blog and make videos, this lady is a marvel!

Louise also has her own online shop ‘Louella‘ which she co-owns with her friend Zoe (Zoella also a great youtube channel) and at the moment they have some great bamboo beauty brushes which are a lovely mint green colour!

So basically if you have any make up, beauty and fashion worries, or if you just want a bit of cheering up then I would definatley recommend that you go and subscribe to Sprinkle of Glitter, you wont regret it!


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