Rachael Taylor

Todays post is about a wonderful surface pattern designer called Rachael Taylor, I have been following Rachaels blog for a while now and I knew that she would be a great person to feature on Red Riot as her pattern designs are just incredible.

Rachael designs for all sorts of products including aprons, oven mits, tote bags, cushions and many more that you can have a browse through in her online shop, but just recently she has designed a whole range of bed sheets for DENY Designs. These designs are what caught my eye when I was recently reading her blog, and I thought it would be rude not to share them all with you!

I love the bright colours and the sketchy floral prints, its such a good combination and would brighten any bedroom. I would love to be able to create patterns for Red Riot so I might be taking a leaf out of Rachaels book and start creating some funky tote bags for my shop. I hope you all love Rachaels designs as much as me and definitely check out the rest of her product range, its very enviable!


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