Fashion Friday – Bright Jeans

Jeans are always a key staple in any girls wardrobe as they are easy to throw on and can be worn with just about anything. I am a huge fan of skinny jeans and I own quite a few pairs, most of them are from topshop as they do the longer legnth (as I am 5 ft 10) but just recently I have been looking at other shops for jeans (as £40 a pair was getting quite expensive for a student). I have to say I wish i’d done this sooner as I have found some beauties, so I thought I would share my findings with you!

This spring/summer coloured jeans are going to be huge and I have already seen a number of people wearing them out and about whilst I have been shopping they look great and brighten up your whole outfit.

I haven’t ever been that experimental to try bright coloured jeans, I have always stuck with blues and blacks but this season I wanted to try something a little different so I have purchased a few pairs. I went with a burgundy pair first of all and now I absolutely love them. I have been pairing them with either a white, grey or black top so that the jeans do all the talking but they can either be dressed up with a blazer or casual with a rock tee so they are perfect for me.

I also recently bought an ash pair with gold zips (I love zips at the moment) but I am a bit unsure what to wear them with so I have been looking on lookbook for some fashion inspiration. But, if any of you fashionistas have some advice for me then i’d love for you to leave me a comment below about it.

I have compiled a little list of a few different colours that I have seen but there are so many out there at the moment it would be hard to go into a shop that didn’t have at least one colour in. So if you are looking for some clothing to brighten your day and your mood then I would definitely give these jeans a try!


Missguided – Mint Green – £11.99

These jeans are a bargain price so they would be great if you wanted to try out a coloured jean for the first time. This mint pair would look great with heels and a cream top.

Forever 21 – Red – £19.75

Missguided – Lemon – £19.99

I love this pair of lemon jeans, they would look gorgeous in the summer with a white top and flip flops. I also love the gold zipper on the pocket, it just makes the jeans look a little bit more expensive and for 20 pounds you can’t go wrong!

New Look – Coral – £22.99

Even Miss Kate Middleton was recently spotted wearing a pair of coral jeans so if you want to look as pretty as a princess then go and grab a pair!

Bershka – Blue – £25.99

These blue jeans would look great with a black racerback top, leather jacket and little ankle boots.

River Island – Hot Pink – £30.00

Zara – Ash – £39.99

These are the coloured jeans that I have recently purchased, so any help with what to wear with them would be great!


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