Paper Ink Press

I have been looking at some inspiration for my fathers day card collection when I came across the Paper Ink Press shop on etsy. Now there aren’t actually any fathers day cards in this shop but I immediately fell in love with the rest of the paper products because they are just so beautiful!

I love the fact that nearly all of them are embossed and this is definitely a style that I would love to try in the future and that all of the cards match their envelope. It sounds quite odd to say that but I think a colour co-ordinated card and envelope looks so much more well presented than just a plain white one. This is also something that I will be taking into consideration when making my next card range.

Paper Ink Press is owned by Melissa and she says that ‘I love working with my hands–especially letterpress printing, gardening, knitting, baking, canning, and just about every kind of crafting project known to man. ‘ You can certainly tell that she loves what she does as every single item in her shop is beautifully made and very well presented.


3 thoughts on “Paper Ink Press

    1. Hi thats really interesting to know as I would of thought people would of liked a coloured envelope. Thank you for your comment its been very helpful!


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