City In A Jar

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend I was at Hit The Deck festival in Nottingham with my sister seeing some amazing bands and generally having a great time, but now i’m back!

I love finding new blogs especially when they’re on wordpress (as it means I can follow them more easily) and todays is a cracker of a blog! City In A Jar describe their blog as ‘a collection of thoughts, recipes, projects and city explorations’ but its so much more than that. Their are also fab posts on fashion advice, interviews with various other creative people, DIY tasks to create all sorts of wonderful objects and some amazing photography!

City In A Jar is run by two girls Jessica and Maddie who both bring something different to the blog and have their own signature sign at the end of each post that they have written. I think it is a great idea to combine two people in one blog as then it makes the content a bit more diverse and each would bring their own special topic to the blog.

The post that caught my eye was the DIY project on how to make glittery pegs, which seems quite a simple idea but it also looks great and I would love to try this out! There are loads of other projects on there to follow if you need some creative inspiration or just fancy a little diy fun.

Overall I am a big fan of this blog now and I am definitely going to hit the ‘follow’ button so that I can get updates of when their is a new post available to read, so I suggest you do the same!


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