Art Of Where

I have been looking into how to print some of my own fabric so that I could make a number of items, for example pillows, bags, bag linings and bed spreads. Even though I do have a silk screen that I could screen print patterns onto fabric with, I feel that I would need a bit more professional help in producing the larger scale fabrics otherwise it could be very time consuming.

I found a great company called Art Of Where which is a great website where you can upload any design and have it made into fabric, pillows or hats with the help of their very own design lab. The only problem is that this company is all the way in Canada so it would be quite expensive with shipping costs. Although this is a problem for me as I live in the UK, I thought that I would share this on Red Riot as a number of you are from different countries and could hopefully use this company as they do some amazing work!

Art Of Where do have a blog that gets updated daily with lots of ideas on what makes a great pattern to how to use fabrics and how to gain inspiration to make your own products. There is also a section on the website that has a list of some great artists who have created pieces using their site.


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