Mothers Day Gifts

Seeing as it’s mothers day coming up this sunday, (yes you read it right this sunday) I thought that I would share some mothers day gifts that you could buy to make your mum feel extra special.

Hopefully you will of all got out there and bought something already but if you haven’t then here is a bit of a guide as to what your mum might like.


Flowers – This is a bit of a safe one as most women all love flowers, its best if you know what your mums favourites are so that they can look beautiful whilst still brightening up the room. Last year when as I was at university and couldn’t make it home I used flower specialists interflora to send my mum flowers, and she loved them!

Perfume – Again its best to know what her favourites are but perfume is a great present that can last for quite a while. If you don’t happen to know what she likes then be a bit sneaky and either slip it into conversation or just go and check out the bottles that she already has.

Chocolate – Unless your mums on a diet or hates chocolate, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a box of chocolates! At Thorntons now you can even save 15% off of your bill.

Gardening Equipment –  Now I know your all going to be thinking this was an odd choice but whilst at work the other day I was in a conversation about mothers day presents with a customer and she said she would love nothing more than some soil and some seeds for the garden! So if your mums loves gardening then this could be the perfect present for her.

Food – Whether your cooking it or going out to let someone else cook for you, this is a great present as long as you’re paying for the bill at the end of it! Its a great way to get all of the family together and you will all enjoy the night then.




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