First of all i’d like to apologize for the lack of posts this week, I have quite literally been a headless chicken for the past week what with work, design projects, competitions and of course getting the easter collection ready for the Red Riot shop!

Now onto the good stuff, todays post comes from the Kikki.K. shop of stationary and gifts. I found this little beauty of a shop quite recently and not only do I want most of the products on there but I am also a little jealous at the great designs, I dare you not to find at least one product that you wish you could have.

With everything from diaries, storage, cards, notepads, pens and photo frames, I think everything is pretty much covered on this site, and I wish to have such an established shop as this after I have graduated next year and started designing more. I love finding shops like this online as it gives me a little bit of inspiration for what I could achieve if i put lots of effort into Red Riot. So go and take a peek at the site now!


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