February Beauty Glossybox

I have a bit of an obsession with make up, like most girls so when I found out about glossybox, I signed up immediately. This was my first month of receiving a box and I was so impressed with the fast delivery and the beautiful packaging that I almost forgot about the products inside. In each box you receive 5 luxury product miniatures from a mixture of high-end brands every month and then you can go back and give feedback on the website to say what you liked and what you didn’t like as much. I can’t wait for my next months glossybox to arrive now!

In the February edition there was the following products :

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner – There are 5 different coloured eyeliners in the range and luckily I got a black one, I wear eyeliner almost everyday so this was a great product for me to test drive. I found that the product when applied was a really good dark black which was good as some eyeliners can sometimes not look as strong. Also I go to a lot of gigs which means that if your not careful your eyeliner can easily smudge, but this was perfect, it stayed put for the whole night and easily came off with a cleansing wipe at the end. I would definitely purchase this product again.

Davines Moisturizing Balm – With this product you have to apply it onto damp skin, leave it for a few minutes and then wash it all off. I found that I needed to exfoliate my skin before use and then use the product as before I applied it onto unprepared skin and it didn’t really make any difference.

Davines Cleansing Nectar – You can use this product on your body or hair and as I colour my hair I didn’t think it was wise to use any product on it that I didn’t know very much about so again I used it as a body wash. I’ve never used a cleansing type body wash but this one made my skin feel soft and rejuvenated.

Fab Gentle Body Wash – I have quite sensitive skin so this was a great product as it is advertised as an irritant free everyday cleanser. Normally I go for wash products that smell fruity or girly and this one smelt quite clinical and herbal so I was a bit worried that it would clean my skin but not make it smell as nice. It left my skin feeling soft and clean but I don’t think I would buy this product again as I prefer a wash product that smells great too.

Murad Perfecting Primer – I have always wanted to try a primer product but didn’t really know which one to buy or how to properly use it so this was a great product for me to be able to try before I buy. It has all the instructions you need for appliance on the packaging it comes in, and it went on very smoothly and quickly. It was a little dark which I was worried about as I have pale skin but as soon as it was rubbed in it made my skin look even and fresh. Loved this product!



One thought on “February Beauty Glossybox

  1. Id being subscribed to glossybox since last May and although it seemed good for the 1st 3 months the products seem to have got worse since. Especialy as the service still isnt tailored, a lot of people end up getting some worser boxes than others.
    I think its great for those who like make-up and are starting to get interested in it, but for those who have always liked it, know a lot of different products and brands anyway, and you know what you want to purchase and why.

    however packaging is amazing! theirs also joliebox, carmine and their was a feelunique.com box which has now stopped but their making a different package soon.



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