Modern Moments

I have got a little bit of an obsession with giftware and all things decorative so when I came across this blog, I knew that the red riot readers needed to see this too! At the moment I am creating a new card range with all sorts of occasions covered, for example birthdays, thank you, new house and weddings. Its always great to see how other designers use new colour combinations and different fonts as it inspires other designers to take a leaf out of their book and carry on the trend.

I won’t talk to much about this as i’m pretty sure that the photographs do all of the talking but this collection was designed by Jessica who has a blog called Modern Moments where she features all of her own work and creations. The blog is amazing and I was kept interested for ages looking through all of her beautiful designs, she is definitely a new creative crush!

This collection was inspired by valentines day and Jessica says that she wanted to combine sweet with stylish and I definitely think that she has pulled it off. I guarantee after seeing these photos you will be amazed by this gorgeous range, so get over to the modern moments blog and take a peek at the rest of her work!


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