Upon A Fold

I came across this blog quite a while ago when at university and since then I haven’t really found anything quite like it. I was first inspired by the blog and then went to their online shop where I discovered that the background of the owner Justine, isn’t that far from my dreams as a designer. She is also a graphic designer, who dreamt of having a blog and an online shop from a young age, which is very much like me, apart from the fact she lives in Sydney (jealous!).

On the website she is quoted saying that ‘I’ve been collecting and making things with paper for as long as I can remember. When I’m not working as a graphic designer, I’m still busy cutting, folding and finding inspiration from paper artists and engineers. Whenever I come across a beautiful object made of paper I wish I had a place to put it on show for all to see and enjoy. So, ta-da, here it is… Upon a Fold‘.

Her shop contains all sorts of things from cards, notebooks, origami, gifts, fabrics and stationary. So go and take a look, because there are some things on there that will make you think, I never knew paper could look like that! Here are some of my favourite pieces from her shop :


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