Deanne Cheuk

‘Deanne Cheuk is a New York based art director, illustrator and artist from Perth, Western Australia. She got her first job as a magazine director at the age of 19 – the same year that she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Curtin University.’

I discovered Deanne Cheuk whilst doing research for a project at university, since then I have followed her website and I absolutely love her design style. I especially love the illustrations she produces, where she takes a picture and draws on top of it with a black fine liner to make a whimsical image.

Deanne is definitely a design inspiration as from such a young age she had already landed her first job as a magazine director which is a huge deal at just the age of 19.I only hope that I can produce as much work at the same high standard of  her work when I have finished university.

She has produced all sorts of material for various magazines, patterns, typography, illustrations, tees, collages, art drawings and various different products including tags, sunglasses, phone cases and laptop cases to name a few.



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