New Years Eve Beauty Treats

1) Soap & Glory – The Righteous Butter -Remember to moisturize well after showering to make your skin feel smooth. I personally use this product and its amazing, not only does it leave your skin feeling really soft but also smells great too.

2) Soap & Glory – Body Moisturising Mist – This is great to spray on and rub in after your moisturizer has sunken in as it contains a sparkly finish that leaves your skin looking refreshed and glowing.

3) Barry M – Dazzle Dust – Everyone loves a bit of sparkle for new years eve and these little pots of gold really make your eyes stand out. With over 60 shades to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice.

4) Eylure – Girls Aloud Eyelashes – I haven’t actually tried these ones for myself but I will be purchasing a pair as they come in loads of different thicknesses and who wouldn’t want to look as good as the girls from Girls Aloud.

5) Revlon – Liquid Eyeliner Pen – Liquid eyeliner is a daily must in my make up routine as I love how it frames the eye and can make lashes look thicker. With this liquid pen you could create the perfect feline flick at the ends of your eyes to make them look larger and more defined.

6) Rimmel – Crack Nail Polish – The newest trend for perfect nails is the crack nail polish look which is where you apply one coat of one polish onto your nails and then after that has dried apply a different coloured top coat which will then react with the other shade to create a unique cracked pattern on each nail. Don’t forget your toes either!

7) Barry M – Glossy Tubes – If you’re going for a statement eye look then its best to keep the lips toned down but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them bare. Make sure you slick on some lip gloss to make sure that your pout is looking perfect. The best part is they are so compact that you can carry them in the smallest of bags and apply when needed, fabulous!

8) Chanel – Chance – I have many favourite perfumes but Chanel Chance has to be one of my favourites. Its a fruity but light fragrance and it lasts a long time too, so whatever you’re favourite scent is, make sure you are smelling just as great as you look.

As christmas has now passed I’m will all be getting ready for your New Years Eve events, whatever you are up to! This year my family and I are going to a marquee party which I am very excited about as its a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate the new year in style.

I love getting glammed up for a night out and if like me you are trying to plan everything from your outfit, hair, make up, etc before the big night then look no further. I thought I’d put together a few handy tips to make getting ready a bit easier, and to make sure you haven’t forgotten those all important essentials!


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